Terapia Ocupational para Diversidad, Oportunidad y Solidaridad

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What is TODOS?

Terapia Ocupacional para Diversidad, Oportunidad y Solidaridad (TODOS) is a network, a professional community of occupational therapy practitioners and students who have as their mission to support and mentor one another, to promote the exploration or careers in occupational therapy by Hispanics and to address issues of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism within the occupational therapy profession


* Increase Hispanic representation and leadership in local, state and national occupational therapy decision-making bodies.

* Increase the number of Hispanics who apply to and graduate from occupational therapy programs.

* Increase the quantity and quality culturally relevant educational materials, consumer pamphlets and AOTA publications written in Spanish.

Nuevas Notas - New Notes

This site is the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".  You can help with comments via email or on the blog or guest book and pictures!  Anyone who took fotos at TODOS meetings over the years - if you have files to send me that would be delicious!!   -  Jaime

Maria Mohring-Raczka & Heriberto Rivera-Virella are looking to build networking with practitioners and students in New York. ¿Interesado? Contact them at mariam1076@aol.com (Maria) or virella1965@yahoo.com

Under the OT Career link, Agnes Sheffey and Larry Duron tell their OT stories.  Estas historias can be very useful para estudiantes teniendo an interest in terapia ocupacional. Can you tell your story in 300 words or less (en ingles y espanol, por favor).  Send a foto, tambien.  Please forgive the Spanglish.  Trato!


* Promote an attitude of inclusiveness within occupational therapy that provides all practitioners equal access to opportunities and challenges within the profession.

* Encourage occupational therapy educational programs to expand efforts to recruit, admit and retain Hispanics into professional and technical programs.

* Provide a consistent voice to the AOTA, state and local professional organizations regarding the needs and concerns of Hispanic practitioners, students and consumers.


* Expand the network of practitioners and students committed to ideals of cultural connectedness and inclusion, as well as dedication to provide encouragement, support, and mentorship to one another.

* Support Hispanic practitioners who immigrate form other countries, through the process of adjustment and transition into the occupational therapy profession in the United States.

* Serve as a resource to AOTA and its members on questions relating to Hispanic culture and issues of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.